Learn As You Exchange

Youth Exchanges Canada - Second Language

Second Language

Second-language exchanges make up half of all Experiences Canada youth exchanges. Participants not only gain the confidence to use their second language, but they realize the importance of being skilled in both of Canada’s official languages. Whether your group is learning French or English, Experiences Canada will develop an exchange experience where youth are immersed in their second language.

Youth Exchanges Canada - Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness  

By experiencing first-hand the lifestyles of a community away from home, youth gain life-long social awareness, gaining respect and understanding of cultural diversity, languages and socio-economic situations. Whether it’s an exchange between rural and urban communities, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, or east coast and west coast cities, the participants come to appreciate the shared and unique aspects of life in Canada.

Youth Exchanges Canada - Confidence & Leadership

Confidence & Leadership  

Exchange participants experience a boost in self-confidence and an overall improvement of their communication skills. Over 80% of Group Organizers say the exchange caused their participants to reflect on future life choices, including academic and career goals.  Several past participants have taken on leadership roles, such as running for student council or joining Experiences Canada’s Youth Advisory Committee.

Exchanges can also focus on Community Involvement, the Arts, History, Geography, Sports, and moregraph EN