Andrew Grose photo

I was lucky to go on an exchange to Nunavut, and it was so exciting to learn about a different culture that is literally in my own back yard, but is yet so far away. The North is such rich part of Canada’s geography and heritage, and I had not learned much about it until this exchange opportunity came along. I felt it was important to learn the about the people, the history and the geography of this part of my country first-hand.”

– Andrew Grose of Alma, Ontario


On my exchange, I experienced many new things which include…plane ride, public transport, NHL game, walking in a cave (spelunking) Hard Rock Cafe, first night in jail (we can explain!), first time to parliament, first time skiing on a real mountain, skating on the canal. Experiences Canada helped me experience Canada for the first time, and now I’m hungry for more.  Now I want to see more of Canada, and experience all the great things it has to offer.”

– Myles Gallant of Cavendish, PEI.


My exchange opened my eyes to new cultures and experiences, which have increased my knowledge of our nation. The family I was placed with emigrated from the Netherlands in 2000.  The Experiences Canada exchange program is the only program that I know of that allows you to personally experience another culture by being totally immersed in it for an entire week. I recommend Experiences Canada to all young Canadians because I want them to experience Canada the way I did.”

– Sarah Simpson of Cavendish, PEI


It may sound strange, but, I didn’t expect I’d really have to use English to communicate on my exchange. What a shock when I got to Redcliff, and was left alone with my Alberta parents who didn’t know a single word of French! I felt really lost… But with a full range of gestures, facial expressions and sounds, and lots of laughter and patience, we finally got to understand each other. This experience made me realize I really ought to improve in English if I intended to achieve my goal, which is to travel – that’s what I really want to do in life. Now I work four times harder in English class – and constantly strive to get better.”

– Léola Muntu-Caron of La Pocatière, QC.


There is no better way to see the diversity in Canada than to go to a new community, with a different culture and completely immerse yourself into the culture and the community. With my exchange, I realized that life doesn’t always have to be busy, like it is in Edmonton, my home-town. Now I have an interest in experiencing new cultures – not as a tourist – but as someone who will take time to learn about the culture and learn from it. Without having taken part in an Experiences Canada exchange, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. By being forced into unfamiliar situations like that of being in another person’s home for a week and becoming part of that family has given me more confidence in being able to adapt to whatever.”

– Samuel Geisterfer of Edmonton, AB.


On my exchange, I became friends with people who spoke a totally different language, living at the other side of Canada. We became very close friends and I realized that the only thing blocking myself off from other people were not “cultural differences” or “language barriers”… it was myself! After my exchange, I took the extra leap to run for student council in my school and was voted as treasurer! Overcoming my social barriers has enriched my life so much and opened many, many doors for me.”

– Lauren Lee of Vancouver, BC