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  • Please note: Resources, reports & newsletters preceding November, 2015 may include former name: The Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada (SEVEC).


Brochures & Infographics


Experiences Canada- Exchanges infographic

Indigenous Exchanges

Human Rights Exchange

Immigration & Diversity Exchange

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Annual Report 2016-17

Annual Report 2015-16-en

Annual Report 2014-15

Annual Report 2013-14
Annual Report 2012-13
Annual Report 2011-12
Annual Report 2010-11

2016 Financial Statements

Aug 31 2016 Financial Statements

Financial Statements 2014-15

Financial Statements 2014
Years ended August 31, 2013 and 2012
Financial Statements Aug 31, 2013
Financial Statements August 31, 2012
Financial Statements August 31, 2011
Annual Report 2009-10
Financial Statements August 31 2010
Annual Report 2008-09
Annual Report 2007-08
Annual report 2006-07
annual report 2005-06

Guides and Resources

SEVEC Exchanges: 2012 Survey
Ideas on Fundraising
Ideas on media and public relations
Group building activities and other resources
Second Language Toolkit

Research Reports

Participant Survey 2012
Youth Taking Action Community Projects 2010
English-French School Group Exchanges in Canada and Their Impact 2009
English-French School Group Exchanges in Canada and Their Long Term Impact 2009
Exchanges with a Twist of Volunteer Experience 2009
Manitoba Youth – Leading Community Engagement 2009
Living and Learning in a Bilingual Canada 2008
Volunteer Youth Experience Pilot Program 2008
Youth Volunteer Program and its Impact 2008
Community Involvement Project 2006
Report on Educational Exchanges 2006