Canada 150&Me Alumni Receives the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal

Reem Al-Ameri, a Canada 150&Me alumni, was given an award by Senator Victor Oh at The Senate on June 20th for her community involvement. She previously met the Senator on one occasion, however, she was very surprised and honoured that she was selected for the award. He had wanted to commemorate what young people do within their community as they don’t always get the recognition on a bigger scale.


We asked her what she took away from her community experiences, she replied: “When volunteering, I get to know people closely, get know their stories and what they go through. I immigrated here from Jordan in 2005, and wanted to give back since we got a lot of help when we arrived.” 


Reem has also received a scholarship to attend Sciences Po Paris, which is a highly selective French University. She starts this Summer and will be studying political science, and international relations.