The Experiences Canada Youth Advisory Committee, otherwise known as “The YAC,” is made up of youth from across Canada who provide Experiences Canada with recommendations to improve and develop our youth exchange programs.

Have you recently participated in an Experiences Canada program? Apply to be on our Youth Advisory Committee!


  1. Make frequent social media posts using #ExperiencesCan
  2. Write a testimonial for use on Experiences Canada social media pages and website
  3. Update Experiences Canada fact sheets
  4. Create YAC testimonial videos
  5. Meet with an Experiences Canada exchange group in the community to talk about the YAC

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Karine Déquier, Manitoba

Pier-Anne Gaulin, Québec


Sam MacPhail

Cornwall, Prince Edward Island

“I am from a small town in central PEI where everyone knows each other. I went on my Experiences Canada exchange in February 2013 to Stittsville, Ontario. It was amazing to experience life in different part of Canada, learn about the region and its history, and meet many new friends. I love to spread the word about Experiences Canada and the excellent programs it offers.”

Kyran Bowyer

Castor, Alberta

“During my exchange I traveled to the town of Tweed in Ontario. I met many new people that I still keep in touch with today. I got to experience the difference in culture between my home and my host community, and I learned a lot about Ontario. I am excited to be a part of the YAC so I can give back to Experiences Canada. I want many more youth to continue having amazing experiences just like I did with Experiences Canada.”

Lori Anthony

Liverpool, Nova Scotia

“In March of 2013, my choir partook in an Experiences Canada exchange to Edmonton, Alberta. For many of us, it was our first time out west, and our first time ever seeing a mountain! I met a lot of really nice people while I was in Edmonton, and I still keep in touch with my host family! After the exchange was over, I knew I wanted to be more involved with Experiences Canada, so I could help and encourage other students like myself to get involved, and go on an Experiences Canada exchange. My Experiences Canada exchange was an amazing experience that I will never forget.”

Owen Chambers

Brandon, MB

“I believe the most valuable outcome of an Experiences Canada exchange is teaching teens more about the different regions of Canada and the cultures of people who live there. I have gone on an exchange to Newfoundland and this trip has taught me a lot about my country. Participating has allowed me to see how diverse our country is and given me the opportunity to talk to people who have had other experiences.”

Nicolas Ouellette (President)

Langley, BC

“I am from Langley, BC, am very active in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and I also play hockey. In July 2012 I went on my Experiences Canada exchange to Quebec City. I believe one of the most valuable outcomes of a Experiences Canada exchange is when participants come through it feeling enriched by a new culture. My exchange gave me the desire to advance my French language studies at school, and as a result of my experience doors are open to me now that I didn’t see when I was younger. I don’t just see life in B.C., but now see life and opportunities across Canada and abroad.”

Rainen Oates

Fergus, ON

“I come from the small town of Fergus, Ontario, and through Experiences Canada I was able to travel to Dease Lake, British Columbia. My exchange experience affected my outlook because I got to truly experience a small town lifestyle – Dease Lake’s population is only about 300 people. I got to see a close-knit community and feel a part of it, I got to experience a different culture, new things and I met people I will never forget.”

Autumn Lawson

Rose Valley, SK

“I was very fortunate to go on an exchange to Hamilton, Ontario in April 2014. Being from a small town this really opened my eyes to a different way of living. It was so exciting to meet so many new people and compare our cultures. I learned so much about Ontario. I am very excited to be a part of YAC, so that more youth can have the great opportunity that I did.”

Pierre Luc Haché

Bathurst, New Brunswick

“I have great memories from my Experiences Canada exchange. In my opinion, the most valuable outcome has definitely been meeting the other people on the exchange. The main reason I applied was to help the organization improve and encourage others to participate in an exchange. Participating in the YAC will be an enriching experience for me. After my exchange, I’ve become more and more interested in the Canadian political system and history…and I hope to take advantage of this.”

Lise Charles (Secretary)

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

“In January 2015, I traveled to Papineauville in Québec to participate in a Experiences Canada exchange. I enjoyed taking part in the exchange and meeting people my own age who live in other parts of Canada. This exchange influenced my vision of Canada because I was able to have experiences which I would not have had in my home province.  Because the provinces and territories of Canada are so diverse both in geography and culture, these exchanges allow youth to better learn about our country. I would like to be a part of the YAC so that I can get to know Canada better. As well, I would like to be a part of the group so I can help other youth participate in this unique experience.”

Guillaume Chassé

St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec

“I had the chance to participate in the Experiences Canada exchange. It was one of the best experiences of my life! I’m from Quebec, which is a relatively big city! I loved showing my city to others as well as visiting theirs. Making friends, visiting new places and people all while living in a different community than your own are what make these trips the best. I feel ready to give back to Experiences Canada by joining their Youth Advisory Committee so that other people can experience what I did…some of the best experiences of my life!”

Heaven Augustine

Elsipogtog, NB

“On my exchange with Experiences Canada, my school had the opportunity to travel to British Columbia. Coming from a small town in New Brunswick, it was quite the experience. Not only did it help me connect with people across the country, but it helped me come out of my shell and connect with people from my own school. I applied to be a part of the YAC because I want to continue taking part in an amazing program like Experiences Canada.”

Astrid Krueger (Vice-President)

Edmonton, AB

“I come from Edmonton, Albert, and my exchange with Experiences Canada I travelled to St. Agapit in Quebec. It was so eye-opening to experience life in a small town, and I loved being surrounded by true Quebecois French. I feel like I have a much better understanding now of how diverse our Canadian culture truly is.”