Welcome to Experiences Canada, Canada’s leader in educational youth experiences. Experiences Canada is a national charitable organization that has been providing educational exchanges, trips and forums for Canadian youth for 80 years. Over 370,000 youth have benefited from our programming.


Experiences Canada creates educational opportunities for Canadian youth to develop mutual respect and understanding through exchange programs which explore their heritage, language and community.


Canadian youth with a strong sense of identity and understanding who are contributing citizens united in building the Canada of tomorrow.


We believe that visiting another part of Canada or sharing the experience of an exchange has a lasting, positive impact on the lives of all those involved-individuals, families, organizations and communities. We are committed to the success of your exchange or your visit, and to the celebration of your experience of Canada.


Experiences Canada is a national charitable organization that was launched in 1936. Initially known as Visites Interprovinciales, this organization and the Bilingual Exchange Secretariat came together to form SEVEC in 1981.Through the years, we have had many names, each one carefully chosen to help better define our purpose for that generation of users.  Building on our proud history and traditions of providing extraordinary learning opportunities for young Canadians, Experiences Canada captures the essence of the growing number of opportunities and programming we are developing today – both live and online – for young groups and individuals as well as for the educators and community leaders that serve them.

Experiences Canada’s mission is to create, facilitate and promote enriching educational opportunities for youth within Canada for the development of increased appreciation and understanding through programs of exploration in language, culture and community. Known for its youth exchange program, Experiences Canada has recently added a Human Rights exchange and an Immigration & Diversity exchange to its programming, as well as expanded its forum facilitation.

With 80 years’ experience and over 370,000 youth who have benefited from our programs, Experiences Canada is proud to be a national leader in facilitating educational youth experiences.